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Written by Mike Brunsfeld, THE Beer Guy

You know what sucks almost more than no beer? Being served by a bartender, at a brewpub, who knows little about beer and she or he knows even less about the brews brewed at their brewpub. Now if it’s a multi-tap bar, well I’ll cut them a little slack. 30 plus rotating taps plus hundreds of bottles that shift brand names? Hey, it’s tough! Just give me what I asked for, not you think I’ll put up with instead. If the tap’s suckin suds from the bottom, well come tell me. Don’t just pour and assume.

Cause that sucks almost as much as a bartender knowing nothing about beer and being pissed off because she has to face off another beer geek, because she WORKS IN A DAMN PLACE THAT SERVES BEER GEEKS.

What sucks almost as much as a waiter or waitress bringing me what I didn’t want? Dressing them in short little skirts. Especially the waiters. Hey, I come here to drink beer, not get a hard on or be gorphed out by a guy in a short skirt; or a tank top. Now I admit, if you’d let me, I could stir my coffee with my hard on: because too many restaurants won’t give you a spoon these days unless you frackin ask for a spoon. But I’m sure you wouldn’t. Well that sucks. I’ll bet the only kind of coffee you serve had turned into motor oil because you all let it sit so long, and it’s so damn hot I’ll get burned when I stir it with what I have to because YOU DIDN’T GIVE ME A DAMN SPOON. And I’ll bet the boss would fire that scantily dressed waitress if she helped me put the salve on.

Well that sucks.

But nothing sucks more than a bartender at a brewpub who knows NOTHING about beer. Except: NO BEER.

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